Poetry by Becky Watson

"Tickle"by Becky Watkins

I will tickle your senses
Into paying attention to my fingers
My tongue tracing trails on your body
My teeth sliding dangerously on your skin

I will awaken within you
Primal urges and carnal thoughts
My breathless words in your ear
My heart beating on your chest

I will sit above you high
Moving slowly against your bones
My thighs holding you still: in place
My fingers clasping at your shoulders

I will rock back against you
Desire taking over my body
My thoughts gone, vacant from my skull
My brain turned down; pleasure alone

I will take you inside me
Our own bodies dictating for us
Our own perfect pace to be together
Our needs for each other being tended to

"Sweat" by Becky Watkins

Sweat from your body
Rolls down your ribs
Collects in the hairs
Between your hips

You raise yourself above me
My fantasy on his knees
I lay supine beneath you
Awaiting your embrace

The muscles in your stomach
Tense and quiver beneath your skin
Your hands grip my knees; pull me apart
I am moist; thinking of your entrance

My body shakes, I bite my lip
To wait, for me, is torture
I'm swollen with desire
Do it now . . . Please God do it now.
Haikus by Becky Watkins
My being smiles
You are sunshine on my face
My heartbeat quickens

The lines of your hips
Join with the curve of my lips
I embrace you, whole
Sweat from your body,
Sliding, dripping onto mine
I drink of your skin

Your hands on my hips
I open myself to you
Please come inside . . . me

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