Margaret Vance's Erotic Musings

I want to get impossibly close to you
I want to entangle limbs until the edges melt and we're writhing in rhythm to our blood and breath
I want to drink you in and in and to be devoured by you
I want to be reborn in Ecstasy

Words fail me as I melt into your body -
All warmth, all wonder, all excitement...
Following each other's breath and pulse,
Riding the current of Desire
As we embody Love,
Love for each other, for all others,
As the Divine fills us...
How can I describe the joy?
Words fail me........

Ashes we are and to ashes return,
But now while we are lit with this scintillating spark
And life burns through us
Let's make the most of it
And let our bodies know each other ~
Seek out the joy that is inherent in our beings~
Dance together, drawn ever closer by breath and touch and rhythm,
Twining together in slow and sensual rapture ~
Opening to the Desire that brings union, bliss and peace
So we will not leave this Life unfulfilled...

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