Erotic Arts and Poetry

We want to build a gallery of art, short stories and poetry.
Please send us your erotic submissions.

Moan Goddess by Anonymous

A panting chant of life
Whisper hot love....


To Cool a Hot Body by Maiyim Baron

Invite your lover to a bed
strewn with rose petals and pungent fresh herbs...


Margaret Vance's Erotic Musings

I want to get impossibly close to you
I want to entangle limbs until the edges melt and we're writhing in rhythm to our blood and breath...


Whence This Heat by Dan Webb

What fever has fallen onto my brain?
What happy pain is pulling me so into my body?
What sleepless delight awakens all my senses at every hour?


Pan Vera as Teacher by Nancy Ibsen

He is not the goddess, he is not the earth,
but he knows her with such delight.
His heart holds every leaf on every tree.


Poetry by Becky Watkins

I will tickle your senses
Into paying attention to my fingers
My tongue tracing trails on your body
My teeth sliding dangerously on your skin



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