To Cool a Hot Body

Invite your lover to a bed
strewn with rose petals and pungent fresh herbs.

Drop rose petals from a distance
watching from above
the splendor of your lover’s body
laid out before you.
Drop them deliberately,
on all parts of your lover’s body,
both of you watching their swirling fall.
Unless you have mounds of them,
pick them up and drop the same petals over and over.

Picking them up is one of the best parts.

Give the man an erection,
force him to it –
using only rose petals.
Make the crown of his penis into a rose blossom,
by sticking petals to its wet tip.

After rose petals have insisted that she open herself,
arrange rose petals around the woman’s lower lips.

(Only trouble is, he says, I'm getting jealous of these rose petals.
You're so beautiful.
Now if I could just arrange a monitor here, and show you
the miraculous changes your body goes through too.)

Make love on the rose petals strewn on the bed.
Using only the waves of your bodies,
roll them into little scented balls,
by the time you finish.

Maiyim Baron
June 22, 2003


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