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Hi Pan.
I am still in the process of processing my thoughts on last night.
Driving home I felt.. simply put. Good. Whole. My body, mind and energy was aligned. Which is such a refreshing centered feeling to have in a semi crazy world.
I think my favorite part was actually in the beginning energy circle with the very simple act of putting your hand on the others forehead and the analogy of being a child sharing this glance under a table. My inner child loved that, and I found myself smiling with nearly every encounter.
I found it interesting and slightly uncomfortable for me during the straddle partner session, mainly because my partner wasn't the one I felt most connected with in the room. But it was a good growing and learning getting to test myself on another level. I always felt safe and respected, which was amazing. But there was still that semi awkwardness that I felt.
I really didn't know what to expect walking into this, so with few expectations and an open mind, I think it's easy to have your needs met at least in some way, shape or form.
I totally respected how you facilitated the group. I know that it can be challenging at points to feel like everyone needs are getting met. I worked as a summer camp counselor at a YMCA camp, and totally value the opening and closing of a group. "This group, time, space and energy will never be the same."
I liked that there was a hot tub available, and also feeling like a goddess with 4 people massaging my body and sending energy. The power of human touch is pretty amazing.
This morning I woke up with the smell of essential oils on me still, and an open throat chakra wanting to hum and be vocal

B.D 7/23/2005

I had decided to start a new career working as a Tantra practitioner and was counting on this workshop to give me some skills in a hurry. Not only did I learn many techniques I could put right to use, but by the end of the workshop I felt better about myself and more optimistic about my life.

N.I. Seattle 1/2005

Nancy has also blessed us with a Testimonial Poem

"Thank you for the wonderful session on September 18th. I am still basking in a warm glow from the workshop. I learned a bunch and was moved by the beautiful techniques you and John covered. Some of the breathing techniques really clicked for me and I was able to add them to my morning exercises right away. The prana work was also especially helpful.

As I mentioned in the closing of the 18th, I am very much attracted to this type of worship and want to immerse myself as much as I can in it. I had no inkling I would be paired with such a beautiful and masterful partner. Her patient knowledge immediately dispersed any nervousness or self-consciousness I might have otherwise fallen into in my first experience with this poignant Art, and as a result I was able to absorb most of the information calmly and readily.

I look forward to more magic with Tantra Temple in the near future."

--From a participant in our
9/18/04 workshop

Thanks for the wonderful introduction to Tantra last Friday evening. Thanks for showing and revealing, sharing.

GN, Seattle, May 04

In the past seven months I've had two “mystical” experiences that indicated to me a major shift is happening in my life. The first was this summer at Burning Man. The second, last Saturday at your tantra workshop. It’s been quite a while since I ever felt this energized, optimistic and positive. I feel like somehow I'm being directed down a path that I have always “known” (at some level) was there. Now my feet seem to be on that path.

PM, February 04


"Thank you again for allowing me to participate. It was just what I needed. I'd had what now seems to have been a panic attack two weeks prior, and was still not up to snuff physically, but being around loving gents & ladies helped my own healing process tremendously."

CH, Seattle Sept. 03

It was very nice to meet you and the rest of the group yesterday. I have been to many groups of sex positive people looking for a tribe so to speak and I felt a real resonance yesterday. I will definitely see you again at a workshop or a temple evening. I have tried to participate physically in group encounters before and couldn't give myself - maybe because my heart wasn't involved. Yesterday I felt my heart activated - and my body wanted to follow. I couldn't stay for the temple but wanting to was  a new experience for me.

I learned a lot about myself and other people and I think the workshop was very high quality. I liked all the participants and you are a very warm and comfortable hostess. Thank you.

JM, Seattle

I wanted to say thank you again, for all that you and John did to make me feel so welcome on Saturday, and beyond that, for opening your home to this community for such wonderful events. This is the kind of setting and community I have long wanted to connect with.

I feel renewed, and I've been able to begin meeting the challenges that face me with a different spirit. That wasn't why I came, but it was a good and very unexpected effect, among many others.

I know that I will be returning to Seattle soon, and I look forward to seeing you, John and others who gather in the same spirit, again soon.

KS, Seattle

From Portland Explorer's Club Puja on Saturday August 9th.

"I love the leadership. It came from the heart"

"I have never been to a puja that was so juicy!"

"You guided us to a place we hadn't been to."

From LEAP Festival August 2003

"When John and Maiyim are there it is like magic."

The Men's Group is fantastic! You and John are doing a wonderful thing!

Hello, all -

I certainly had a fine time last Friday night. What a lovely group of people - great space, great tub, great conversation, great sex...what else could a girl want? It was bliss!

    Many thanks for the fabulous event last night. I guess the proper term would be gathering or coming together. It takes the hosts to set the proper atmosphere for any such gathering and you two had one of the best I have been to. I would like to thank you for a total session of enjoyment - I'm still smiling at the thought of it.
    For over a year one of the other clubs, as well as most off site clubs, has been in a decline mode. They have a monthly dance and a twice monthly meeting at a home that is set up for playing - completed with hot tub. However they have failed to notice the change in the wants and needs of the lifestyle community. I have tried to talk to them but they are stuck in the old ways. People are not attending Events and the membership is declining.
    You have really captured what I hear people saying they are looking for, They are seeking a smaller group where people are sincere, can connect, feel safe, have Events such as seminars and in general feel part of the group. Keep up the good work!!! Please keep me on the list.

Again, thanks to both of you for a great event!!!

'“We so appreciated the opening rituals and go-arounds. That was very important to ground us and center ourselves within the community. To reach out and connect eye-to-eye & heart-to-heart. It set the stage and cultivated a sense of sacred space & consensual respect and courtesy. Neither one of us likes to be “jumped,” so to speak, and it was good that we did not experience the blatant "pawin' & grabbin'" seen or experienced elsewhere. "

Please us with your testimonials.

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