Whence This Heat?
by Dan Webb

What fever has fallen onto my brain?
What happy pain is pulling me so into my body?
What sleepless delight awakens all my senses at every hour?
What itch keeps my knees bouncing so compulsively?
What jolt of energy is lifting me above my normal trajectory as I walk?

A dangerous beauty that can not be possessed has taken possession of my imagination.
How fair, how unfair, how sublime is Spring?
Sap is rising -- no, raging -- to expression through the fresh budsprouts on every limb.
Gaia widens my nostrils and my heart with her pastel blossoms.
Cherry trees spill their confetti in celebration of this perfect, passionate present.

Under a full moon, two bodies discover the blessing of The One expressing through the two.
Through and through, floods the uncertainty of desire and fulfillment,
each chasing but not quite catching the other in an exquisite dance of blissful, glancing touches.

Dear Goddess, what now?
The Beltane fires blaze again tonight.

Copyright © 2004 Dan Webb
All Rights Reserved.

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